Architectural Wrapping

Architectural Wrapping

Architectural Vinyl Wrapping Services

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What are architectural vinyl finishes and what wrapping services are available? The future of refurbishment is changing and Wraptastic is helping to push things in a new direction. Using 3M Architectural Films, we are able to cover a variety of surfaces in a top-quality film design to emulate the natural look and feel of materials such as dark wood, light wood, stone, metal and textile. Architectural wrapping is an innovative way to refurbish and refresh old buildings, structures or furniture. It is also a great and unique way to design new architecture through a vast range of high quality, long lasting vinyl film that can come in many designs and colours. The process is much like wrapping cars, installers such as us have to be certified to offer this service. The possibilities of architectural vinyl are almost limitless. Many types of structures such as walls, boats, furniture, flooring, windows and more can be wrapped. Do you think you’ve got a challenging job for us? Let us know and contact us for quotes today!

Is architectural vinyl worth it?

In many ways architectural vinyl is a much better and more efficient solution for many businesses and it could be the environmental choice of the future for refurbishment. Rather than destroying and rebuilding old office or residential structures in order to refurbish them, why not wrap it? With 3M Di-Noc for example both interior and exterior spaces can be completely redesigned without the need for any reconstruction. Application is efficient and with a huge range of vinyl films at our disposal here at Wraptastic, we have what you are looking for.

With this in mind, is architectural vinyl expensive? Well, considering the savings made on material, labour and construction (not to mention time), architectural wrapping is a much more affordable option. Of course, depending on the project the price can vary substantially. But we are confident in saying that wrapping solutions are a fraction of the cost of reconstruction or replacement. Manufacturers such as 3M, Avery Dennison and Oracal have mastered the art of vinyl creation such that the materials look like and mimic actual synthetic or natural materials such as wood, marble and metal. So rather than buying an entire marble countertop, a company can find a cost effective vinyl film alternative that is much more efficient for not only the environment but their budgets. 

How long does architectural vinyl last? Well, the answer is very similar to that of car vinyl. Vinyl film such as 3M and 3M Di-Noc is made from very high quality PVC mixture with an adhesive backing. Depending on the type of vinyl the mixture can go through a very thorough process of heating through industrial ovens to create highly conformable and durable vinyl film. Vinyl can last for up to 5 years plus on the surface it is applied to, which includes cars and buildings. When it is looked after and undamaged it can exceed that durability further. If you would like more info, take a look at our FAQs on Architectural Vinyl Services here.

Why Choose Wraptastic?

Wraptastic UK is a 3M endorsed installer of 3M Di-Noc, one of the best quality materials and vinyl ranges offered by one of the most innovative companies in the world. We have experienced technicians that can plan, design and install your vinyl to whatever specifications you need. We have experience working for private companies as well as local councils and have wrapped everything from commercial vehicles, office equipments such as bins, yachts, office walls - you name it! Take a look at some of our great handy work and one of our favourite projects below. If you would like to see more, be sure to check us out on Instagram and FaceBook. 

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Some of the great real world applications of architectural vinyl include:

  • Windows including tinting and one-way mirroring for privacy 
  • Interior surfaces
  • Exterior surfaces
  • Furniture and appliances 

As an official 3M Endorsed DI-NOC Installers we can support you on projects in the retail, hospitality, property and student sectors. For commercial clients it is essential that your design reflects your company and incorporates your brand ethos. By hiring our services, you can create a truly unique space that will catch the eye. In addition, the films can also be used for residential properties and marine vehicles. We are committed to providing a good quality service for customers. We already know just how the products we source are and we only choose the best vinyl suppliers in the UK. So if you think your business, home, boat or council property needs a fresh look, contact us today.


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