Marine Wrapping

Marine Wrapping


Protect and Personalise your Boat or Vessel with our Boat Wrapping Services

Do you feel your yacht needs a new stylish look, but you don’t have the funds for an extensive paint job? Wraptastic offers a range of high-quality wraps made up of different colours and finishes. You can upgrade your current vessel to make it look fresh and new, while also putting your own personal stamp on it. Both the interior and exterior of marine vessels and boats can be refurbished or stylised completely with wraps and vinyl film. We found some helpful info from the best of the best, 3M if you wanted to know more about Boat Wrapping and Graphics.

Rest assured that our films also act as a protection to the superstructure so that it is not affected by general wear and tear. In addition to working on the exterior, we can also use our architectural film to improve the interior.

Our technique allows us to alter the exterior and interior of seafaring vehicles using affordable methods. Rather than spending an entire budget on traditional fitting, we will use high quality materials to wrap your yacht, motorboat, or personal watercraft. Achieve a perfect mix of luxury and power for your boat.


3M™ Di-Noc™ is durable, and reparable

We can achieve the impact, visual appearance and texture using a wide range of films in the 3M™ Di-Noc™ range. Our 3M™ Endorsed Architectural installers ensure that you get the right product for the job and that all materials are applied in the correct way, meaning the best possible results. If you are wondering what it means to be a 3M Endorsed Installer click here.

Interiors using 3M™ Di-Noc™

We use 3M™ Di-Noc™ for marine interiors.

Give your boat or yacht a new lease of life at an affordable price!

Exterior Wrapping

It's your choice how much or how little we wrap. Custom designs are available, as well as a wide range of colours to choose from.


3M™ Di-Noc™ is Designed to Last

3M™ Di-Noc™ is designed for durability and a life span of 10-12 years, offering a natural appearance and life-like feel for your interiors.


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